I use inkscape everyday, 4 to 6 hours minimum.
Been a long-time user since the sodipodi days.
I could give you an almost endless list of suggestions.

Some suggestions for urgent features:

1. A ePub authoring, exporting, editing tool.
2. multiple-page, facing-pages layout, so pages can be correctly split in pdf-for-prepress workflows
(yeah i know scribus is for multi-page, but designers might just find inkscape far more suitable for a brochure project, for instance)

i think i should resume submitting bugs and features, been out of the loop too long.


On Wed, Jan 1, 2014 at 1:58 AM, john Culleton <John@...1668...> wrote:
On Tue, 03 Dec 2013 15:43:51 +0000
Anna Morris <gingerling@...3063......> wrote:

> Hey, my name is Anna, I am a Free Software
> advocate from the UK. I am working for Open
> Initiative http://funding.openinitiative.com/
> at the moment on their new feature-by-feature
> Free Software crowd funding platform.
> I am also an Inkscape user (here is something I
> made
> http://fsfe.org/graphics/xbox-infographic.png).
> So, some a question - which features would you
> just LOVE to see in Inkscape? What is missing?
> I will compile a list, using emails, forum
> posts, Facebook messages and the current list
> on the forums. I will also be talking to
> developers of course!
> I know crowd funding campaigns often don't get
> past the ideas stage because all the words and
> pictures are hard work to put together and
> people are busy etc - but I am here to help
> prepare the campaigns, which I am delighted to
> do, for at least the next month. My time is
> your time ;)
> Let me know
> Anna Morris

A way to freeze guidelines so they don't get moved

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