have a look at this pdf. this is how I do it, sorry not to attach it before but had trouble finding it LOL
it's not my pdf but this is how I do a scalloped font. you can use your own shape instead of the circle, of course.

not sure if the attachment will go to the group but you can find it here.

the pdf is at the end of the post.


2010/1/16 Haldun ALTAN <altan@...66...>
Well I think I've got a solution.
I groupe the texte ctrl+K then objet path and duplicate. Move the as you want but don't forget they are tied together you untie them postion eand change as you want then select them together (shift+clic) and interpolate it works !
May be there is a better way if anybody knows I'll take it.
Thank you for bothering
Haldun (Fr)