Like a designer working for the press industry I will love to see inkscape supporting:

Real CMYK.
Spot inks.
PDF/X-3 standard.
Bleed settings and press marks.

On Tuesday, December 3, 2013 12:23 PM, William Adams <will.adams@...3026...> wrote:
On Dec 3, 2013, at 10:43 AM, Anna Morris wrote:

> So, some a question - which features would you just LOVE to see in
> Inkscape? What is missing?

A more efficient interface. It is much faster / efficient working in Macromedia FreeHand. Features which I miss include:

- an easy way to select objects which are not on top --- Freehand used <Control>click for this
- the ability to do math in measurement text fields (want an object to be 10 units wider? type +10 after its width and tap enter)
- the ability to move selected node(s) and compleat object(s)
- the ability to align a selected node against an object (or multiples)
- It would be nice if InkScape would conform to industry-standard user interface conventions (usually Shift constrains when dragging, but it's Alt which does that when musing the pen tool)
- wrapping tabs and all other text features which FreeHand had
- the ability to put text inside a box w/ user-controllable insets all around, to set the fill and stroke for the box separately from the text and to have the box be auto-sizing to match the size of the text
- graphics find and replace
- more control over placement of UI elements
- interactive controls for origin of text when placed on a path, ability to have a second line on a different part of the path

Basically, just make it work like FreeHand, 'cause it solved the vector graphic interface problem a long while ago, and nothing has improved on it since, save for FutureWave SmartSketch (freeform / distortable paths) and Creaturehouse Expression (skeletal stroke technology).

Interesting bit of reading on FreeHand here:


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