I really don't know if it is possible, but could you put hifenization?

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       Thanks for all the replies. We're getting quite a list. Here is the
latest version:

1. Markers that can inherit parent attributes (e.g. marker fill takes
parent stroke color so arrow heads are same color as path).

2. New gradients:

       A. Conical (special case of mesh?)
       B. Mesh: (should match PDF types)
       C. Diffusion curves.

3. Vector effects (see:
http://dev.w3.org/SVG/modules/vectoreffects/master/SVGVectorEffectsPrimer.html )

4. Multipage SVG's.

5. Multiline text entry.

6. Perspective transforms.

7. Paths constructed of sub-paths with different attributes. Objects
that share paths. (Maybe included as part of vector effects.)

8. Control over stroke positioning (amount inside/outside path).

9. Vector fills.

10. Pattern filter: Variable pattern fills (e.g. size/density of dots as
function of color/alpha).

11. Embedded fonts.


Tavmjong Bah

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