On 11 October 2010 16:08, John Culleton <john@...1668...> wrote:
On Monday 11 October 2010 09:44:26 Tőkés Ábel wrote:
> 10/8/2010 3:46 PM keltezéssel, Christopher B. Wright írta:
> > I've had the same problem with Inkscape in windows. Some truetype
> > fonts aren't detected. The explanation I was given at the time
> > was that Inkscape is very picky about fonts and low quality fonts
> > that don't completely conform to the font specification get
> > ignored. That didn't explain why I could use the same fonts in
> > Linux, though.
> >
> > Christopher B. Wright
> I think that this argument (low quality) can be true only for fonts
> that are raster-defined. I am not sure if a ttf can be
> raster-defined (I think it can't). But I am sure that these fonts
> are vectore-defined (I have checked), so they cannot be low
> quality.

Just a quick clarification (I hope): Christopher B. Wright wrote on Friday about poor quality fonts speaking (AFAIK) about poorly coded ttf-fonts and not about raster-fonts. Maybe thats why the discussion drifted in this direction.