The problem with Inkscape/Ghostscript in windows is the TEMP directory.  I had to force it to c:\TEMP.

It a problem with the long file name.

AndyR wrote:
Ted Gould wrote:
Leopold Palomo Avellaneda wrote:
So, please, could you tell me which software is necessary/recommend to
run a 
full inkscape in the Win platform? Somethink like to build it: x, y, z:
run it, xa, yb, etc. 
In the directory with the Inkscape preferences.xml file, there is a file 
that is called extension-errors.log.  (There is no way you could have 
known this, don't feel bad)  In there it lists the issues with the 
extensions that are being loaded, and what they need.

EPS is kinda a hack, you'll need ghostscript, pstoedit and sketch to be 
able to get the EPS import working.  I'm not sure if anyone has all of 
these working on Windows though... convince your boss to use Debian ;)

Am new to using Inkscape and have had similar problems and tried to fix them
following the info in this thread. Have progressively installed Ghostscript
and pstoedit and updated the PATH but still I get the same extensions_error
that states that gs and pstoedit are not found.

All I want at this stage is to export (Save As) to an .ai format which as
far as I can tell only requires gs. Wha tis really needed is a thorough
process to get these working - for a "novice" user. Any ideas out there.