Hi everyone,

I created a document a la inkscape tutorial in inkscape (you can find the links below). I used File | New | no_borders. The problem is this document displays right only in inkscape, at least on my computer. What is wrong?

In all the other viewers/editors on my installation, there is only like a small section of the document; this includes inkview (!), scribus, and ksvg (konqueror). When I export the svg to PDF (which was my intention) or PS, the result is the same - only the same old section from the first sixth by the first half of the document.

Now, get this. When I view the inkscape tutorial (just any) by inkview, it shows okay. However, it does not show well in scribus or ksvg, nor is the resulting PDF or PS nice at all (missing some images and texts).

My questions are, what should I do to make my document view ok in inkview, like the tutorial does? What page, format, or is there another trick? Is there a good paved road to converting an inkscape's document to PDF, so I can show it to other people (on Windows, for example)?

Thank you very much in advance.





Kubuntu 5.10 Linux on AMD64

Inkscape 0.42 or CVS (2005-10-30) - makes no difference