Hi Anna. As a Graphic Designer myself i would love to see a nice way to handle guides, i think that the "spot" where you are able to click a guide and translate it is too small, maybe select guides with rubberband? Another topic is the rulers. It will be nice if the rulers could adjust to any object on the canvas. Other nice implementation i'd love to see, is the movement/scale/rotation of objects in relation to local coordinates of any object in the canvas, just like the 1.5.x version of Scribus has. And last but not least, a better way to handle text. Sometimes i found myself opening Scribus and adding some text in it over an art created in Inkscape, even if the text is small, the paragraph management of Inkscape it's really poor. I'm not asking to replace the outstanding text management that Scribus has, but maybe a little bit of support to the Inkscape text handling could be superb!

PS: I'm formely member of a Argentinean 'LUG' like community of graphic designers/artists called Grafica Libre. We have a small social network where we share our thoughts and works with gnu/linux software. Maybe we can elaborate a list of items in the name of the group.


2013/12/14 Arlo Barnes <arlo.barnes@...155...>
You are right, once I thought to use 'Import' in the File menu rather than looking in the gradient tool options or the gradient editor, it was simple. Thanks for pointing that out.
-Arlo James Barnes

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