As we've been working on this, it's brought back memories of issues with other vector software that had "leading edge" features that the run of the mill software couldn't handle.

My favorite program in Windows for this is Irfanview, as it has other general manipulation abilities that you can do as a batch.  Graphics Workshop is another.


On 8/26/14 10:31 AM, Chris Tooley wrote:
On Tue, Aug 26, 2014 at 8:56 AM, Ken Springer <snowshed1@...3003...> wrote:
I was beginning to suspect the other vector formats do not support some
of the features of SVG.  I ran into similar issues 20 or so years ago
with vector file formats.

Inkscape specifically has some special effects that are not part of the SVG spec. There are probably some things in SVG that are not recognized in other formats, but those are pretty minor unless you're doing really weird things.
It looks like Inkscape doesn't export/save jpg files.  :-(  Hope that's
remedied in the next version.  We've discovered that PNG is not always
the best file format.  What bothers me most about the format is the
sheer size, since it's lossless, just like TIFF.

You can always use an image converter to convert it over to JPG - there are many tutorials online on how to do this :)

-another Chris

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