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Ok, so it seems that snapping to group centers can only work when snapping to nodes is disabled (and the only option enabled is snap to center).

Not for me though. Whether snapping to nodes is disabled or not doesn't matter at my machine. I can snap a rotation center to a grid or guide regardless. Tested on both rev. 14044 from April 2015, as well as a very recent revision.
Since 0.91, it seems that snapping to nodes is required for many more situations, so I've been keeping them generally always "on". 

Can you provide a bit more detail?
And the idea that certain options only "work" when other options are disabled, did not occur to me.

That shouldn't happen. If you can show me what breaks for you, then I'll try to fix it
Even with the options set up properly, it looks like the group centers can only snap to guides or grids.  Is that correct? 

No, that's not correct. They can snap to paths, bounding boxes, nodes, etc. Can you show me your settings? A screendump will do, and you can send it off-list.
Thanks again,

You're welcome!