chiming in for better controls over gradients.

I depend on Inkscape on Linux and like it - thanks for your work.

I find the gradient tools confusing and frustrating and would really like a better way to control the stops. I want to be able to open a named gradient, change a stop  x-y coord. , and change its color. Then close and save. I know this is possible, but I usually fumble or even fail. Ideally there would be a thumbnail to illustrate the settings as you experiment.

I'd be happy to do some mock-ups in the new year if thats of any use at all.


John Fisher

On 12/06/2013 10:22 AM, Josh Andler wrote:
To set the coordinates of the start and end handles or the stops in between?

On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 10:17 AM, Ole Ersoy <ole.ersoy@...155...> wrote:
Just wanted to say thanks for all the brilliant work that's been put into Inkscape.  The ability to set the coordinates of gradient stops would make my day.

Thanks again!

On 12/06/2013 11:51 AM, M.H. van der velde wrote:
Wow, it really is christmas time. We can send in our wish lists..

I haven’t read the other post very carefully, but my wish list for this AWESOME program would be…

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