I would also like to see 3). That would be brilliant :)


On Fri, Dec 6, 2013 at 9:51 AM, M.H. van der velde <m.h.vandervelde@...155...> wrote:
Wow, it really is christmas time. We can send in our wish lists..

I haven’t read the other post very carefully, but my wish list for this AWESOME program would be…

1) The possibility to round individual nodes. (Or, to round corners at all)
2) A DIA or OmniGrafle or even Illustrator-like way to work with ‘symbols’. Let me have a library of objects that I can drag and drop onto my canvas to quickly make a diagram, a flowchart, a UX-sketch, etc. Very analogue to the we work with clones. It’s more a UI thing.
3) A native Mac OSX interface.

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