You can change the units IN  inkscape to inches, mm, px, etc.  Use ctrl+shift+d to open the document properties.  Page and Grid tabs can be switched to inches in the drop down box .  That should help with layout and putting guidelines where you like/need to. 

The rectangle tool can also be set to inches, but the rest of the seem to only have pixels as the unit of choice.  Maybe slightly annoying, but you should be able to use guidelines and the grid to work around all of this. 


If I've miss spoken or failed to address something please feel free to correct/elaborate. 

Hope this helps,


On 5/28/07, John R. Culleton <john@...1668...> wrote:
The default dimension setting for the marginal scales in Inkscape is
in pixels which makes sense for most developmental work. But  I
prefer to work in inches, since my finished products (book covers)
must be laid out very precisely in inches to get the spine to come
out right.  Of course one can create the components in inkscape and
then stitch them together in e.g., Gimp, Scribus or even TeX. But I
prefer to deal with the whole product in one program if possible.  In
Gimp there is an item in the lower left corner that resets the scales
in e.g., inches.  Does Inkscape have a corresponding setting
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