That is great information, I will look into these work arounds but I am still very disappointed with Inkscape.
After reading lots of positives about the program I thought that it would be very good.
When I reach my final image with the filter effects applied I can no longer edit anything and converting to a bitmap image is like crashing your head into a brick wall:(


On 31 August 2012 11:58, Nicu Buculei <nicu_gfx@...2342...> wrote:
On 08/31/2012 10:05 AM, Dennis Melling wrote:
> I will check out the url.
> I have just completed a very complex image and have tried grouping
> several areas and applying filters to small areas as I go but, as soon
> as I apply a filter, Inkscape just grinds to a halt (alternating between
> open and not responding every second).
> I have used Gimp for several years and with my 8GB RAM I just fly
> through an image but Inkscape is a terrible disappointment :(

These (GIMP and Inkscape) are different apps and work fundamentally in
different ways, in one case everything is rasterized and in the other
you keep track (and compute) every node and transformation.

It is known that adding a lot of filters will greatly slow-down Inkscape
(not only on Windows). It was suggested earlier to lower the quality,
that's a workaround, you are supposed to turn them up again then the
graphics are done for the final result.

Other workarounds include toggling various display modes (no filters,
outline) during the editing process and go back to normal when done.

Another way is to keep various elements in their own layers and toggle
the visibility of those layers on and off, you make them visible only
when you need them: an invisible layer does not need to be redrawn and
will not speed down the application.

Unfortunately, there is no Free software alternative to Inkscape (there
are some other FOSS vector editors, but feature-wise they are inferior),
so you will have to rely on workarounds.

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