She is using Inkscape for Windows, without company permission.  :-)  And she does not have the authority to force any changes.  They already told her to stop using a DTP program she likes in lieu of MS Publisher, but she got so frustrated with the extra work to get things done with MS Publisher, she went back to the program she was using before.

I don't know if anyone in her company has Adobe Illustrator, or it's successor if there is one.

Do you know of any program that would convert an SVG file to some other format?

Right now, the temp answer may be to save a PDF, but we're searching for something that will let other users have a vector file to work with.

On 8/25/14 4:13 PM, Martin Owens wrote:
On Mon, 2014-08-25 at 15:57 -0600, Ken Springer wrote:
Hi, Chris,

May or may not be vector, but the software the Windows users have will
not import the PDF file for use as if you were importing a graphics
image.  As you might snidely guess, is MS software.  :-(

Please use inkscape for windows. There is no point trying to convert to
wmf or other sub-standard vector format if the user is on windows. It's
not like we're charging a lot of money for the windows version of
inkscape ;-)

SVG files can also be opened by Adobe Illustrator and viewed using a web
browser such as Firefox, Chrome and even IE 8+


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