what is involved in this?

might help us decide if we can help or not


2009/4/23 Joshua A. Andler <scislac@...155...>
Hey All,

We seem to be in a bad place with our nightly builds. It would be
excellent if we could have a few volunteers step up to produce nightlies
(or at least builds from every few days).

Anyone who can (or would like to) produce builds for Windows, Linux, and
OSX would be making a great contribution to keeping us on track to
release 0.47 in the near future. If you are interested, please speak up
and we will do what we can to get you producing builds ASAP.

For the record, this is how bad the situation is:

Win32 - April 18th
OSX - March 3rd
Linux - nothing from this year (Autopackages are over a year old)

So again, if lending some CPU cycles and a little time is all you can
do, it is still a LOT for the community.


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