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You are not as disappointed as I am with you. Irregular is right.

How dare you speak to me this way. You were clearly told, before you went ahead and made the page live, that I did not have a working picture plugin. I am not responsible if you do not provide the tools needed to upload image files. It was and/or ought to have been clear to anyone with eyes to see, that the test page relied on external links, and you were directed to this fact.

Further, I did not ask you to download files from my web-site. In fact you downloaded the said files without asking, and without my consent. Is this how you generally behave, and treat artists? If so, shame on you, and shame on you for doing it to me.  I provided links to those resources only, and not the resources themselves, Inkscape have no claim on them, or right to host those image files. Please remove them, and please refer this matter to the Board.

It seems to me, it was a very small thing indeed, especially in the circumstances to ask that someone replace dirty files with clean ones, not least because I did not have the tools, and/or permissions to replace them at that time. We were so close to getting the thing right, and your hostile reaction is totally innapropriate. I have put a lot of hard work into this project, and I have had few thanks for doing so. As a reward for my effort, you have taken artwork which does not belong to you, and in addition you removed my editor priviledges. I cannot trust, or work with you again.

Whatever your problem is, it should be with yourself with who you are disappointed, and to be treated and spoken too, by you in this way, is wholly unacceptable. Thanks to you, I have deleted, the guides, and viewBox extension files from my resources directory. I am more dissapointed than you can possiblt know, or imagine, and you can of course file your own bug report.

I will not be the assignee for the 'No page for vectors vs. Bitmaps' bug, thank you.


---- On Fri, 02 Sep 2016 16:23:22 +0000 Martin Owens <doctormo@...155...> wrote ----
@ugajin - The files you provided on the page were published as live.

I'm disappointed that you have come back to me now, after the publish
time, to tell me the graphics were not the final versions.

This is highly irregular and I will not change the files at this time.
When we come back to this page in the future, we can update the
graphics. But I have committed the page in it's current state and with
that I complete this long bug report as Fixed Released. Please open
another bug report to update the graphics.

Maren if you need to track the svg picture plugin issue, or a bug report
to make our own plugin, please go ahead.

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** Changed in: inkscape-web
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No page for vectors vs. Bitmaps

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