Thanks Linda, I'll pass the info on and see what she gets.

so far only way she has had a little success is by exporting as png but it's still not right


2010/1/20 Linda A. Walsh <inkscape@...2679...>
Gary Hawkins wrote:
> Hi
> I'm posting this for a friend so if you need more info I'll have to ask
> her <grin>
> My friend has a canon IP5200 printer and when she prints from inkscape
> the image comes out smaller.
       Check out the Preferences Import/Export option "dpi" setting.
You could set this to the value you use for your printing resolution and
then export the image and print it (maybe the print function uses this
value directly, though I don't know.

       Ideally, you want the dpi set to the dpi of your screen (whatever
your screen resolution is, divided by #inches of your screen) for displaying
things on your screen -- but printers usually use alot higher (like 300 dpi
is common) resolution for printing.

       That's one of the biggest 'features' with SVG -- it's easily
scalable to any size without loss of clarity!


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