I can't seem to figure out how to get inkscape to send the output to  the correct printer:

When I select the "Print/Ctrl-P" menu item, it just sends the file to a printer without providing a choice or dialog.  I can 't seem to find a settings dialog for a default printer.

When I use "Print Direct", I get a valid ps file that does print properly via lpr.  (And looks great!)

I am running Inkscape 0.43.
I am running Gentoo system, with libgnomeprint-2.10.3 and gnome of 2.10.  Printing from  gedit brings up a printer selection dialog and works properly.

Any ideas?  Is this the correct behaviour for Ctrl-P, or should there be a dialog?

(If there are any developers reading) It also seems to me that the menu items are inconsistant/wrong.  An ellipsis in a menu item to me implies there will be a follow-up dialog, whereas one without performs a direct action, so it should be (assuming that the correct behaviour for Print is to *not* bring up a dialog)

"Print Direct ..."

thx, des

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