Don't hold your breath but I will start the process all over again :)

On 1 September 2012 17:13, alvinpenner <penner@...2467...> wrote:
>>  I used 7z to open the zip and the opened file is still sitting on the 7z
screen, including Inkscape.exe which I double
>> clicked and got: can't start because libMagick++-3.dll is missing from
>> your computer.............

- well, that is very strange, I just unloaded and ran the 7-zip version on
Windows 7 (32 bit) and it started up with no problem
- just to confirm, did you use the Extract button?, did you get warnings
telling you that you were overwriting existing files?
- which directory did you extract to?

- just for future reference, here is the procedure I normally use, assuming
I wish to overwrite my current version.

I am going to assume that you have been viewing this from inside 7-zip File
Manager and that you have not yet hit the Extract button.
Then the procedure that I would use is as follows:
- close everything
- start up 7-zip File Manager
- navigate to the 7z file called inkscape_r11604-201208132044.7z
- perform a single-click on this file just to highlight it, not to open it
- click on the Extract button to open up a file browser window
- navigate to the location where you want to put these files.
- be aware of the fact that this extraction procedure will automatically
create a sub-directory called Inkscape when you extract it
- so for example, if you choose the directory C:\Program Files\ to extract
into, then you will end up with a folder called C:\Program Files\Inkscape\
and inside this folder will be the executable called Inkscape.exe
- then click OK and you will get various warnings that you are overwriting
existing files.

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