Am 06.12.2017 um 17:02 schrieb Tavmjong Bah:
The five solutions, from top to bottom, are:

* Custom Gtk::Range widget couple with Gtk::Spinbutton:
* Gtk::Scrollbar coupled with Gtk::Spinbutton:
* Gkt::ProgressBar coupled with Gtk::Spinbutton:
* Subclassed Gtk::Spinbutton:
* Gtk::Scale coupled with Gtk::Spinbutton:

It's a bit hard to make a founded statement based on partially unfinished implementation (I assume many of those I'd consider unusable in the current form could be made to work reasonably well with CSS or minor code changes) so I'll try to comment mostly on the underlying functional aspects (although that's hard too without having a closer look at the actual implementation)... Anyway:

What I'm missing from all options:
I really liked the suggestion to re-use the current design but fix the existing issues, most prominently make the number input insensitive while manipulating the slider and require a single click (without dragging) to enable number input.
If I look at your designs all of them are made of less than 60% slider but over 40% of spinbutton. If I look into our toolboxes most of the sliders are only half as wide, though, which would result in about 20% slider (i.e. unusable) and 80% spinbutton (i.e. we could just drop the slider and use a spinbutton to start with). So *if* we want to continue using the proposed widgets in these places we still need to come up with a better design...

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