just downloaded, now to see what happens LOL

the extensions do work in 0.47 (well I get the result I expect) but they do throw up the python message every time
even embedding images gives the message.


On 21 June 2010 18:07, ~suv <suv-sf@...16...> wrote:
On 18/6/10 11:50, Gary Hawkins wrote:
> I'm taking it these are for windows users?
> is there a mac version yet?

"Inkscape-0.48pre1-1.LEOPARD+.dmg" is available from

> do I get the code to try to compile a mac one (I put it like
> this as I've never compiled code before so have no idea what to do or how to
> do it LOL)
> I'm asking about the mac version as inkscape 0.47 will still throw up python
> problem if you use something like extensions >generate from path
>> interpolate

AFAIK there have been no changes with regard to (unfixed)
Bug #482993 <>
“Inkscape extensions do not work on MacOS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)”

hth, ~suv

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