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Ok, I just tested on Inkscape 14574, which is a 7z, 64 bit version for Windows.


When snapping to smooth and cusp nodes are enabled, the center of groups won't snap to anything.

True indeed for the center, but not for the rotation point. See this bug report which I just filed:


Please note that the smooth and cusp node options have nothing to do with this. They are in a different snap group of the toolbar. The center and rotation center are not nodes.
The smooth vs cusp node confusion still is happening.  (Actually, since I've been functioning with that distinction for snapping, I'm starting to wonder if it matters which node type is snapped.  When do we need to snap to one type and not another?)

A path can have many smooth nodes, of which you cannot typically tell where they are. Snapping these is typically not desired, and difficult to control. Also, if there are too many then Inkscape might have a hard time in calculation the optimal snap. Cusp nodes however are easy to locate, because they are at discontinuities in the path. It's the cusp nodes that you typically want to snap to something. Hence the distinction between cusp and smooth nodes
I'm not sure about snapping the center of a group to a bounding box center. A snap does happen....yes, A snap happens.  But the indicator says rotation center to rotation center, rather than rotation center to bounding box center.

That's likely because they're on top of each other? Inkscape can snap to either the rotation center to bounding box center, both being in the same location? If so, please drag the rotation center to a different position and try again

Thanks Brynn!