Well, I finally got around to watching the video.

Well, I finally got around to replying to this email... ;) 

At first I thought the sound is bad, the video is bad, and
there's no focus. 

At first I thought... Well, he's right about the sound, but the video isn't bad, and podcasts are all nattering on about something of interest to a niche target audience. 

Speaking of nattering... 

It's just 3 guys nattering on about how
they need more help and more money . . .

It's three guys who devote obscene amounts of their own time towards the common goal of getting free graphics software into the hands of as many people as possible for no money. Great personal cost, no personal monetary gain. Often the answer to "why hasn't this or that feature been added/improved" is precisely because of the need for more help/money. 

This episode was a first run at a talk show about the inner workings of the project, and how easy we make it to join and help out. It's really for the audience who is already familiar with Inkscape, and want to know more about what happens inside the project. 

3 maladroits imagining that using technology makes it

I think that last bit should be the title of our next podcast. Inside jokes are often part of what makes FLOSS grouo projects fun after all. 

It left a lot of questions unanswered:  What's a hackfest?

Good idea for a podcast. I had the same question from my mum. "Is it where you learn to hack?" XD

I have abundant footage to clip together to help explain. Esp of the one in Kiel. 

What's multi-page support supposed to do? 

Well, it's one of our most requested features apart from CMYK. Maybe it would be good to do an episode on most requested features, what they do for the non technical among us, snd what it would take to get them implemented. 

Why go to Python 3
when Python 2 works perfectly well? . . . especially when
so much code depends on Python 2 - ?

Oh my... 

What happened about mesh gradients?

They are implimented. Have fun using them! :) 

And my favorite:  Is 1.0 focused on fixing all known bugs

All known bugs? Hell no. There are thousands. 

The major ones, yep. The goal is to give people a markedly better experience than the last version. There is a ton to look forward too. That's probably worth at least one podcast to talk about. 

can I get an overhaul of the path-drawing interface
as I proposed a while ago?

Nope. No one has time to do a complete overhaul of anything right now. A stable and improved Inkscape is what will be delivered. Overhauls will need to wait past 1.0 realease. 

Hope it helps, and that we may offer better sound quality for this labour of love next time.



On Mon 26 Nov 2018 16:03 +0000, C R wrote:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J1r8a0emYc
> Future podcasts will be shorter, but hey, at least all the technical
> difficulties were edited out. :)

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