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I cannot find freely available "script" -type fonts very easily
The filename for EPSON 太行書体B (as seen in your attachment of the font in this thread last year) is epgyobld.ttf and mirrored in the URL you just linked.

If we break that into parts, we see that it says ep for Epson; gyo, for gyōsho (semi-cursive) calligraphy
(for just like serif fonts for Roman characters, which are based off nib- or quill-based writing methods plus evolution of style over time, many Japanese fonts are based off several calligraphy styles. Often there will be two variants in a font family, 
minchō which is also called regular or kaisho, and gothic, a very sans-serif-looking type style. See http://www.kataaro.com/Images/fonts.gif [thanks to Kataaro embroiderers for that] for comparison);
and bld to indicate it is typographically bold (also what the fullwidth B stands for in the name proper; as to the rest, 書体 means 'typeface' and 太行 seems to be the name of the font [not exactly sure what it means, the first kanji is "fat" and the second "bamboo"; if you web search both together you get news and pictures about a Chinese jet engine]).

So you want a bold semi-regular CJK font, under a free software license (I like OFL from SIL). Some web searching will probably get you there, but to start you off, this 
List of CJK fonts on Wikipedia is useful and tells you about licensing.

-Arlo James Barnes