yes the unpacked file is sitting in my original inkscape 0.48 area but doesn't seem to be doing anything??

On 1 September 2012 16:31, Dennis Melling <dennismelling.rom@...2279....> wrote:
I found an unpacked 11604 file without the suffix and copied and pasted this into my programs Inkscape and it seemed to be loading over it but when I again opened my 0.48 it was still 0.48

On 1 September 2012 16:24, Dennis Melling <dennismelling.rom@...155...> wrote:

I now have the file unpacked and standing by in my 7z page which points to it being located at:

C:\Users\Dennis Melling\Downloads\inkscape_r11604-201208132044.7z\inkscape\

when I look in my downloads folder it doesn't contain a file ending in 7z inkscape

how do I move this unpacked file from the 7z software into my inkscape program

I will overwrite my current 0.48 because I can always reinstall if I completely mess it up.


On 1 September 2012 15:49, alvinpenner <penner@...2467...> wrote:
    sorry, I guess I left out a number of steps. The 7z file that you will
get from this download is not a normal installation package, so you will not
be able to install it by double-clicking on it. It is a zipped version of
all the files in the Inkscape directory and they need to be unzipped and
copied on top of what you currently have.
    You will need to install the 7-zip File Manager, available from Then open the File Manager, navigate to the directory where
your 7z file is, open the 7z file, and click on extract. Then you can either
overwrite your current Inkscape files or you may want to create a new
directory and put the new files into it to keep your old version of
Inkscape. This will not install Inkscape, it will simply copy the new files
into this directory, so you may need to create a new shortcut to point to
the new location.


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