I know that the sorceress is extra complex (the most complex that I have ever done because previously the majority of images that I have done on Inkscape have been simple cartoon sketches of things like faces) and I produced it on many layers with each layer containing groups of separate items. Like the wings: each ellipse is separate and each wing is separate but grouped on 1 layer. The face is loads of layers but I have spent days trying to slightly move some of the items (like the mouth).
Simple, unfiltered images, are no problem at all.
I increased the size of the svg because I found that I was losing detail when I did a small svg and then exported (via Inkscape) to png.
The attached image was exported as svg and converted to png using Gimp (rapidly).
When I am producing an image on Inkscape I often export some parts to Gimp (and vice versa) and find the editing such as colouring, lighting, deleting and cloning better on Gimp and easier to give the effect that I am looking for. I then export these items to one or the other to complete an image.
The sorceress was done completely on Inkscape until I did the conversion to png on Gimp.

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It depends of course on the complexity of your drawings.


Is this the real cause of your trouble?


The size of you SVG is massive compared to most I have produced and seen.


It is almost bitmap size!


I'm not sure how you produced this svg, but it is generating a ton of bits ;-)


I'm sure this doesn't help…





PS Since the code is written to be portable, I doubt if the OS makes much difference.


Browsers may vary a bit, but by any standards your svg loads very slowly.


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