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No, for me, snapping group centers can only happen when snapping to nodes is off.  I've also just tested in Inkscape 0.91 64 bit (7z version).  For the 32 bit version, I used exe installer.  Windows 7, 64-bit.

Is it a recent download? Because that you're in fact using 0.91.1 I believe, which has this fix included: https://bugs.launchpad.net/inkscape/+bug/1422296
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Yes.  We've been getting questions in forums about this, since 0.91 came out.  For example, in 0.48.x, a node on a path would snap to another path, with having only Snap to path enabled.  Now, Snap to nodes must be enabled too.  And it's a good idea to have snapping to both cusp and smooth, because in 0.91, Inkscape can't always tell the difference which type of node is which.  I think I made a bug report about that.....can't remember for sure.

Is it the bug report in the link above?
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As I said, the center of groups can only snap (to anything) if snapping to nodes is disabled.

I cannot reproduce that, but if that is the case than this is very bad! Can you provide me the exact steps to reproduce this behavior, a screenshot, and a sample file in which this happens? Also, is this with 0.91 or with 0.91.1. Can you reproduce this behaviour too with a recent development version?

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I could send you a screenshot, but I'm not sure if it's needed.  With further testing, I was wrong about that.

I can snap a group center to: path, path intersection, bounding box corner, bb side, bb side midpt., guides and grids

I cannot snap a group center to nodes, bounding box center or line midpoint.

And as I said before, group centers won't snap to anything, unless snapping to nodes is disabled.

When I try to snap to bbcenter, just nothing happens.  When I grab the group with the mouse, the group center becomes a red dot.  But it never recognizes the bb center.

Works for me! See attachment. I guess that either your snap settings are different, or you are using 0.91.0?
When I try to snap to line midpt, when I grab the group, the red dot does not replace the group center.  It replaces the line midpt closest to where I grabbed with mouse.  So the group center can't snap because there's no red dot there.

If you need anymore details, let me know.  I can send screenshots if you need.  Although I don't have a very good program, and it can't catch the mouse or tooltips.  But Prnt Scrn catches the red dot.

A print screen will do just fine.

BTW, what are your settings on the snap tab in the document properties dialog? And what are the settings for snapping in the preferences dialog?