Hello Henry,

We have an Inkscape User mailing list that is a great place to ask about questions like this, I went ahead and CC'd it here. It is a great place for finding info on using Inkscape.

I think that your problem here is probably related to the origin. Inkscape was designed with a Print mindset, putting the axis in the bottom left corner instead of a computer graphics mindset where it is in the upper left corner. SVG doesn't match that. So that means that Inkscape is translating the positions from the GUI to the SVG document.

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On Sun, 2016-09-11 at 11:15 +0000, Henry wrote:
Hello gentlemen,

The Question is: How vertical coordinate calculated in Inkscape?
Is there a formula to calculate it?

I want programarlly put the image at the corner of (0, 0) coordinates. Actually my purpose is scale the 3406.svg to half width, keep original height, and put the new scaled image at (0, 0), top left corner or bottom left corner, never mind. Then I combine another image at the right area and the two parts must be aligned.

Please kindly refer the attached python script.

Could you, Sir, give me any suggestion?

Best wishes to you and your family!

On Saturday, September 10, 2016 6:30 PM, Henry <deseaf@...12...> wrote:

Hi Gentlemen,

Sorry, excuse me. Maybe I should only report this to Mr. Ted Gould, because I see Mr. Ted is the administrator of Inkscape project on launchpad.

How can I set the x, y of the Horizontal and Vertical coordinate both to zero in Inkscape and keep the scale value at (0, path-height) of matrix property in svg file NOT CHANGED. The scale value is the last two number in matrix property, the x, y of the Horizontal and Vertical coordinate will change automatically when I set the matrix property to (0, path-height). On the other hand, the last two number in matrix property will change automatically when I set the x, y of the Horizontal and Vertical coordinate.

Such behaviour of Inkscape troubled and puzzled me, please refer the attachment.

Could I report it as a bug or can anyone give me some explain about it, any help will be great appreciation for me.

Best Regards,