Anyone know what's the «progress» of this requests? There are devs actually working on some of the features?


2014-02-24 0:51 GMT-03:00 Jon Cruz <jon@...204...>:

On Feb 1, 2014, at 3:09 PM, Gary Hawkins wrote:

> I have no idea what Gcode is or is used for but looks interesting.

Often used with LinuxCNC to drive things. Such as a HackCNC

> I was talking along the lines of the silhouette Cameo or the Phoenix Silver Bullet  cutters that use .svg format but maybe support them in having direct linking to the cutter driver (currently Sure Cuts a Lot 3 (Scal3), Signcut Pro  or Make the Cut (MTC))
> also being able to import/export embroidery files would be very, very cool as a lot of home machine embroiderer's would be able to design their own files or adapt svg's for converting in the machines own software (like embird)

This is a good thing, and also possibly related to tool improvements for working on and sending to services such as Ponoko.

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