On 24/02/14 06:26, Gabriel Grosso wrote:
Anyone know what's the «progress» of this requests? There are devs actually working on some of the features?


Hi, thanks for the reply. I started this thread aaaages ago now - nice to see it is still going!

The idea was to encourage dev's to put features up here http://funding.openinitiative.com/ and crowd-fund them.

An example is that one of the core gimp dev's has been having a try; he does gimp part time and works as a paid developer on other projects the rest of the time. In this case, the idea is for him to be able to devote more of his time to gimp by replacing some of his paid work with crowd-funded work - its a win/win situation really. The main problem with the gimp project was that the developer chose a feature that was not especially popular, so with InkScape, I thought it would be a good idea to ask people first and to give the dev's some ideas as to which thinks people are really excited about.

My involvement, by the way, is that of a "connector" - an idea the open funding people are working on, where Free Software people (users/advocates/developers etc) who have community/marketing/design skills can help developers with presentation, videos, social media when they want to  crowd-fund a feature.

In general, I am now doing my "connector" role only within communities I know really well. With InkScape, while there have been loads and loads of replies from users with ideas, I have had very little response from the developers and I don't know any of them personally. I would love it if some of these ideas that would otherwise not get made, could get crowd-funded into being :)

Again, do contact me if you want to have a go :)