Perhaps I  have misunderstood, but AFAIK regular pentagons, (and therefore a 5 pointed star) will not tessellate. I assume you know the simple work around to avoid duplicating guides?
Also, why do you not run the Grid Extension, rotate the result, then Objects to Guides, and (subject to preference setting) delete the grid?


---- On Mon, 16 May 2016 14:27:09 +0000 Brynn<brynn@...3089...> wrote ----
Hi Friends,
I have a couple of questions about custom grids. I'm more or less
familiar with the various extensions, and the 2 regular grids (rectangular
and axonomic/isometric). But I was thinking about a couple of....well,
probably silly things....but very unusual grids.
One thing I want is the axomonic grid, but rotated around....I think
would be 30 degrees, so that if you use it to draw a hexagon, the 2 vertical
sides are horizontal. And the tiny triangles point up and down instead of
side to side. Or a rectangular grid rotated 45 degrees. So instead of tiny
squares, it's tiny diamonds.
And the other thing I was wondering. Would it be possible, somehow
using Guides, to make a grid like that, or even with a star shape? For
example, see
There I made 3 stars, centered on the same spot, each 50 px larger
(or smaller). Then I used Object to Guides. But this would be a tedious
process, to say the least, to make a page-size grid. Plus, for the star
shape, it makes 2 guides for each of the 5 sides. I understand why, it's
just that makes it even more work, to deal with the extra ones....if you
were actually considering doing it with guides.
1 - Would making, let's say an a4 page-size grid, using guides, start to
create performance issues, like it would if you used paths?
2 - Otherwise, would making this kind of grid require an extension, or other
3 - Or is there any other way to get an unusual grid like these examples? I
mean, a grid that can be snapped to. I realize I could get a photo or other
image of a grid and import it. But it wouldn't be snappable.

Thank you very much :-)

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