Select one node, duplicate it (Shift+D), then select the segment you want delete and delete it with the delete segment tool.

If you want join the overlayed nodes you must delete the  zero length segment between the two overlaid nodes before, and for that you must use the delete segment tool too.


Le 29/12/15 13:59, Brynn a écrit :
Hi Friends,
       In a file I'm working on, I've ended up with several closed paths, but they only have 2 nodes.  Because they only have 2 nodes, I thought the nodes were end nodes, and they could be joined to the end nodes of another path.  But they won't join.  I assume it's because it's a closed path, so they aren't really end nodes.
       Next, I thought a fast way to fix the situation would be to delete one of the segments between the 2 non-end nodes.  But that deletes the whole 2-node path.
       There are other options I can try, and eventually I'll hit on something that works.  But I'm wondering why I can't delete one the segments between the 2 nodes.
       In case it's something odd in this file, I've copied one of the paths to a new file and attached.
       So is there some reason why a segment can't be deleted from between the nodes of a 2 node closed path?  Or is it something weird in the file?
       Windows 7, 64-bit, Inkscape 0.91, 32-bit exe installer

Thank you very much,


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