On Tue, Feb 25, 2014 at 5:06 PM, Nathan Hurst <njh@...3068...> wrote:
The whole point of kanban is that each task is self contained.  It's
easy to assess what each student has done, look at the bzr logs, look
at the tasks undertaken, look at their report.  Students can't affect
each other, because at the frontier all the tasks are independant.

The way you had said it earlier, you had mentioned they would work off the same kanban queue as a team. The students are supposed to have firm proposals outlining what they will specifically accomplish and what the corresponding timeline looks like. Because of this, it's not really possible to have multiple students working from a pool of tasks to be completed.

Honestly, I like your idea, however I don't believe there is a way to achieve this with GSoC that Google would approve of.