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The gradient handling has seen some significant changes since 0.48.
Here are changes shown in the gradient tool itself and in the Fill &
Stroke dialog. http://imgur.com/a/pANDO Thanks to Tavmjong for the

Personally I'll be sorry to see the Gradient Editor Dialog go. It could certainly do with some improvement, but I prefer it over on-canvas editing of gradients. The latter requires you to be zoomed into an object enough to see and click the gradient handles, but no so close that they are out of view.

For very small objects that can mean a slow redraw as you have to be zoomed in closely. The handles can even obscure the thing you're trying to modify, if it's very small. Having to zoom in also means that you can't always see the effect of your changes in the larger context of the image - or see the effects on other objects that share the same gradient definition.

That aside, the ability to sort gradients by colour will be a huge bonus - but what I *really* want is a way to replace one gradient with another. Once they're sorted by colour, that would let me replace lots of very similar looking gradients with a single definition, and delete the "spares". When you're drawing a gradient heavy comic that is often made up of parts pulled in from previous strips it's very easy to end up with lots and lots of very similar gradients.


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