Hi everyone,
Meeting: Tue June 06 2023
Next meeting: Wed June 14
Attending: Tav, Nicco, Rene, PBS, Jonathan, Marc, MikeKov, KrIr17

String freeze for 1.3
Marc has backported relevant commits to 1.3.x. Extensions are up to date in both branches.
No objections to string freeze = now.
We've checked the backlog together, no more MRs with backport:proposed that contain string changes.

Vectors update/ Release planning: Usually 6 week window for translations -> release around July 23rd at Vector's discretion
Tarball needs to be ready ~ July 14.
Testing completeness of packages? -> testing script by Nathan
Release video: Lazur is doing something
Release candidate: early July (no more non-obvious fixes after that)
Windows 7 support has been dropped by MSYS2, so Inkscape 1.3 will officially not work on Windows 7.

Discussion re: po/pot files
Translators are supposed to use the pot file from the pipeline, but some are instead using (outdated) po files from the repository. 
- Should we update them? ~5m LOC change. Maren supports it. [done]
- How are other projects doing that? -> some are using weblate, which (at least previously) doesn't like big POT files. Nicco used transifex (free for open source)
- Could be a student project to refactor the way we organize translations.

MacOS ARM test failures in 1.3 branch? There is a problem on the Gitlab side, which affects the file structure. Moved the pipeline back to our own runner.
Struggling to find time to re-release 1.2.2 including the Ventura fixes. The Alpha/Beta are already Ventura-compatible.
Has not bought the new Apple developer certificate yet, will do so later this month.

AI Extension: work on importing text + code for the different coordinate systems seems to be mature

Progress a bit slow at the moment, but the roadmap is clear. Some work on live shapes / rectangles.
Checks again with SFC for April payment.

Added coverage support to 2geom. Currently 47% coverage.
Trying to join the GKT4 migration effort, e.g. dialogs + mjakemans event controller branch. Few minor issues remain, e.g. double-click to select text
Why is modal dialogs not available in GTK4? They have deprecated it in favor of gtk::Window and AlertDialog (4.10+). Both of them can be made modal. [+ additional discussion about the event loop, other GKT4 MRs]
Clips / Mask: We treat it the same. Conceptually, clipping is a vector operation and masking a pixel operation, and in the spec, different child elements are allowed. Needs a little bit of rewriting.
Backport MR with cache fixes? Can only break what was already broken -> Marc decides.

Most things on the list "before the switch" to GTK4 are done. Some don't make sense to do before, some "at the time of switch" can already be done now.

Symbols ID fix ready to go. (!5363) - some discussion ensued.

See you next week!