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Inkscape for embroidery
by Michael Soegtrop
6 years
Thanks for your votes! We have our new "Draw Freely" font!
by C R
6 years, 1 month
performance problems and possible remedies?
by Yale Zhang
6 years, 2 months
by Dmitry Zhulanov
6 years, 2 months
CMake now working on Windows
by Sebastian Faubel
6 years, 3 months
Stroke to path
by Jabiertxo Arraiza Cenoz
6 years, 3 months
Doc scaling compatibility issue (Bug 1389723)
by Bryce Harrington
6 years, 3 months
Snap for Inkscape
by Ted Gould
6 years, 3 months
GSoC progress report
by Adrian Boguszewski
6 years, 3 months
[Fwd: Website Feedback]
by Martin Owens
6 years, 4 months
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