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Script to slice inkscape (for web heads)
by m h
14 years
Red Spiral Challenge
by Aaron Elmquist
14 years, 1 month
Type1 Fonts on Windows XP
by Norvell Spearman
15 years, 5 months
Wacom tablet and Linux.
by John R. Culleton
15 years, 10 months
convert .svg or bitmap to .dxf
by Elwin Estle
15 years, 11 months
Inkscape has a default theme on OS X
by jiho
15 years, 11 months
Technical drawing / snapping
by A.J. Carter
15 years, 11 months
Idiosyncratic mouse behavior in Windows!
by Jim Ford
15 years, 11 months
connecting three line segments in one point
by Jos Kaefer
15 years, 11 months
22.5 Angle constraint
by seth friedman
15 years, 11 months
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