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Baffling UI
by Olivier Lefevre
17 years
PDF -> pstoedit -> SVG -> Inkscape scaling problem
by Phil Rhoades
17 years
About Screen in 0.45pre1
by Axiom X11
17 years
Installation help
by John R. Culleton
17 years
what direction for UI
by Daniel Culver
17 years
Re: [Inkscape-user] Layers dropdown
by Bryce Harrington
17 years
bug with create tiled clones
17 years
Converting Type to Shapes
by Dave Crossland
17 years
Bounding boxes and patterns, cloning, etc...
by Andrew Mellinger
17 years
Re: [Inkscape-user] Layers dropdown, was: Baffling UI
by Alan Horkan
17 years
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